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Sports and fitness play a vital part in a student’s development. Royal House Language School offers an exhilarating range of sports activities as: swimming, horseback riding , football, volleyball, basketball, handball and table tennis. 

Extracurricular Activities
Our extracurricular program provides opportunities for students to explore their interests and hobbies. It also gives the students an opportunity to build up their self- confidence, positive attitude and social skills. Sports activities allow children to participate in a group and develop the sense of fair play and teamwork.

Students may participate in a wide range of physical activities: Karate - Kung fu – Ballet – Gymnastics - Basketball – Football - Horseback riding

The variety of academic and artistic pursuits is offered as well:
- Scouts
- Music: Keyboard, guitar & drums
- Home Economics: Cooking, knitting & sewing
- Library
- Art & Crafts
- Computer


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