Welcome to Kindergarten
The seeds I plant today will blossom into a flower tomorrow"
Kindergarten Update
Welcome Letter

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2013 -2014 academic year at Royal House Language School .We are  looking  forward to sharing an exciting and fun-filled experience commencing on Sunday 29th September 2013 for KG1, Monday 30th September 2013 for KG2 and Tuesday 1st October 2013 for Pre KG.

 This Year our theme “Cartoon Characters” is the basis for our exciting year. The whole Kindergarten department is looking forward to knowing and working with all our students. It is of vital importance that each and every child in the school is successful academically and socially. Success is a team effort and every player (student, teacher, and parent) is an integral part of that team. When every player does his or her best everyone wins!

Again, welcome to a year of new beginnings


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