Welcome Letter

A - Attendance: Regular attendance is essential for your child to make the most of his/her education. Please make every effort to have your child at school every day. Top


B - Birthday Parties: Every month we will have a scheduled birthday party . You may bring a cake, candles, plastic forks and plates. Please don’t be late for the party! Top


C - Communication I believe that school is a partnership between school, home and child. As a member of this partnership we will communicate with you regarding class events, your child’s progress etc. Every month we will have Parents Meetings where your child’s teacher will discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

I welcome every opportunity to meet with parents. Should you wish to see me, please call the school receptionist for an appointment. I am also willing to answer your phone calls every day. It is my sincere hope to meet with each and everyone of my students’ parents this year.

Clinic: Please inform us about your child’s health problems in the Student Application Form (Medical Report).

Important!   If your child is taking a prescribed course of medicine and has to take it during school hours, please stress to the bus supervisor the importance of bringing the medicine to the class teacher first thing in the morning. It can be collected before going home. Please write your child’s name, class and time of medication clearly on a note for the class teacher. Medicines Are Not To Be Kept With The Children.


D - Discipline: We have five rules in Kindergarten:
“We are always listeners.
We are helpers, not hurters.
We are walkers, not runners.
We are builders, not breakers.
We are talkers, not shouters.”
Please discuss these rules with your child. Top


E - English: English is not your child’s mother tongue. That is why we both, school and home, have to cooperate to achieve the best results for your child to speak and understand English. All through the year I will be passing on ideas for you to improve your child’s English. Top


F - Food: Provide your child with a healthy snack. Do not send any junk food ; stuff like chipsy will be sent back home! No glass bottles, cans or fizzy drinks should be sent in! Please do not send any cooked food like french fries, pasta or any kind of food that requires refrigeration. A box of juice or flavoured milk, nutritious sandwiches, slices of fruit or vegetables are best! Top


G - General Knowledge: General knowledge topics will be changed according to the monthly themes:
October – I Am Special
November – Colours And Shapes
December – Healthy Habits
January – Fruit and Vegetables
February – Animals
March – Opposites
April – Days And Months
May - All Around The World


H - Homework: All homework has a purpose. It is simply a quick review of concepts we learn at school. We send homework as a way for you to see what your child can do and what he needs a help in. We ask you to just remind your child to do his/her homework but do not help him/her in doing it. We want to know what he/she can achieve on his/her own. Top


I - Illness: Please do not send your child to school if he/she has a temperature. If your child becomes ill, you will be called to come and take your child home. Please send your child back to school after a complete recovery. When a child comes back after any absence, he should bring a written excuse (doctor’s note etc.) Top


J - Jewellery: Jewellery, apart from small earrings is not to be worn. Top


K - Kindergarten Kids: There are many common misunderstandings about Kindergarteners today. Although they seem brave and strong, inside they are very fragile. A school for these children - “beginners” has to be a gentle and well balanced school. In today’s schools we expect our children to sit and listen, answer teacher’s questions, get good grades and do their homework…
That is not Kindergarten. That is upper grade school. Kindergarten looks different.
Kindergarten sounds different.
Kindergarten is UNIQUE!
Kindergarten is for four and five year olds and should be designed to fit children of this particular age. In our Kindergarten preparing students for elementary school means a delicate balance of academics and allowing the children to be children ! It does not mean forcing the children to master first grade skills or substituting playtime for academics. While Kindergarten marks an important transition from preschool to primary grades, it is essential that the children still get to be children! Top

L - Link book: We send all school news in your child’s link book. This will come home daily and is to be sent back each day. Please read the link book every day and respond to teachers’ comments. Please feel free to write to the teachers about any matters of your child’s life at school or any comment you may wish to make. Top


M - Money: Please do not send any money with your child for the canteen goods. We have already experienced children keeping the money in their pockets or hands. It might get lost this way! The money must be sent in your child’s link book with a small note with the following information:
- Your child’s name
- Amount of money
- Purpose of the money ( juice, biscuit etc.)
Please do not send more than 1 – 2 LE each time. Top


N - Name: Please, please, please write your child’s name on absolutely everything you send to school - jackets, bags, water flasks etc. Please help your child to keep track of his/her belongings by labeling them. That will help your child’s things to find their way home!

A weekly newsletter will be sent home every Thursday to let you know about the activities that will take place during the week. Top


O - Outdoor Activities: Your child will have outside time almost every day ( P.E, Horseback riding, Sand Box, Swimming). Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. Top

P - Preparing for Kindergarten: Talk to your child about going to school. Tell him about positive experiences you remember from your first day at school. Talk to him what the first day will probably be like. Tell him about having fun with other children. Everyone here is to be his friend! Top


Q - Quick Goodbyes – leave dry eyes: If you see a few tears when you are leaving the classroom, don’t worry. The tears disappear once you leave. If your child clings to you and cries at the top of his or her lungs about you leaving, the best thing to do is to leave quickly. The longer you stay, the more difficult the situation will be. Those who cry loudly calm down within a few minutes and enjoy school. Some of these children will continue this behaviour for several days or even weeks. Be assured that if your child continues to be upset after you leave and the teacher cannot calm him down, the school will let you know. Top


R - Reading: This year we are going to continue with our “Reading Program”. All you have to do is simply read a short story to your son/daughter, then let him draw a picture about the story and send it to school. The children are so exited when they see their pictures on display.

You will receive your child’s report card at each Parents Meeting. Unfortunately, we do not send it home. In case you do not attend the meeting, the report can be seen and signed at the following meeting. Top


S - Supplies
1. Preschool & Nursery

Construction paper5 sheets
Glue (UHU or Pritt)2 big sticks
“Cut & Paste”1
Sketch Pad2 big & 2 small
Colouring pencils (preferable Faber castle) "12 pencils"2 big boxes
Play Dough1
Plastic Files (“My clear bag”)2
Watercolours with a paintbrush1
Short English stories2
Short Arabic stories2

All the items listed above are for general class use and will not be sent home.

Please send:

A set of spare clothes (pants, shirt, socks, and underwear) labeled

A bar of soap

A big box of Kleenex

1 Dettol wet wipes (80 wipes)

A hairbrush

*** Important!!!  If your child is not toilet trained, please send diapers and baby wipes.

 2. KG1 & KG2

Construction paper5 sheets
Glue2 big sticks (UHU or Pritt)
“Cut & Paste”1 pad
Sketch pad2 big & 2 small pads
Colouring pencils (preferable Faber castle) "12 pencils"2 big boxes
Play dough1
Plastic files (“My clear bag”)4
Watercolours with a paintbrush1
Short English stories2
Short Arabic stories2
Arabic copybook - (9 lines) covered in red1
English copybook covered in blue1
Math copybook covered in yellow1
Paper Holder (Carton File)1

All the items listed above are for general class use and will not be sent home.

Please send:

A set of spare clothes (pants, shirt, socks, and underwear) labeled

A bar of soap

A big box of Kleenex

1 Dettol wipes (80 wipes)

A hairbrush

Please send also: A shcool bag big enough to carry a lunchbox with a healthy snack and a water flask – every day!

Tip!!! Set aside a day to gather the supplies. Empower your child to decide what HE/SHE wants and needs. Top


T - Transportation: If there are any changes as to where your child will go after school, please send a written note to school. We will only act on written requests from parents. If no written note is received your child will be sent home by the usual method of transportation.

Please keep the toys and expensive items at home. They might get broken or lost.

Please kindly note that almost every month there will be a school trip. School trips are essential for your child’s emotional and social growth. Through them he shares new experiences with his classmates.
A permission slip will be required every time there is a trip. If we don’t receive a permission slip, your child will not be able to go with the class and he/she will stay at school.
If you child will not be attending the trip please keep him at home that day as there is no supervision at school.
The money for the trip must be sent in an enclosed envelope with your child’s name and class written at least one day before the trip. Top


U - Uniform: Uniform is our school’s dress code. Please note that the school uniform must be worn for all school activities. Top


V - Visitors: Please do not come to the classroom to pick up your child. Leave a note at the reception and further steps will be taken. Please do not forget to get written permission in order not to be stopped by our school security. Top


W - We are a Team: Please feel free to call us or send a note when you have questions or information to share. It is our job to work together to help your child have a successful year. Unfortunately your child’s class teacher will not be able to answer your phone calls during the day. Please send her a small note in your child’s link book instead. Top


X - KINDERGARTEN is a special time for your child.
I believe together we can make this
e-X- perience the most e-X- citing and e-X- ceptional! Top


Y - Yearlong calendar is located in your handbook. Top


Z - ZZZZZ’s: Make sure your child has lots of sleep. Most of the Fours and Fives need at least 10 – 12 hours of sleep. Top

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