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Kindergarten is a time for children to expand their love of learning, their ability to get along with others and their interest in reaching out to the world. In our Kindergarten we focus on the development of the child as a whole. Our target is to encourage the growth of a child’s self-esteem, his cultural identity, his individual strengths and independence.

We achieve that through various activities:
- Physical Education: children participate in Sports Activities as swimming, ballet, gymnastics, karate and kung fu.
- Music: students play musical instruments and sing traditional children’s songs.
- Art & Crafts: pupils have access to various Art materials.
- Computer classes: children play educational games.
- Horseback riding: children not only ride horses but also learn how to feed and take care of them.

In addition to the activities considered as traditionally educational, Kindergarten curriculum includes such activities as:
- FieldTrips
- Birthday Parties
- Feast Celebrations as Ramadan, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day
- Color Days
- Sports Days
- Festivals

Our pupils learn in the context of their every day experiences as well as scheduled themes linked with the general knowledge topics:
- “Egypt-our home”: visiting the Pyramids
- Fruit & vegetables:making green salad, orange juice and banana milk shake
- Animals: the trip to the farm and the zoo
- Spring: Gardening and planting
- Healthy food: picnic in the garden
- White day: children bring dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese and milk for lunch
- Dental care: a dentist’s visit and lots, lots more…

So please step in and join us!

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