Our Staff

Our kindergarteners develop control of their own behaviour through the guidance and support of warm, caring and highly qualified staff. Our teachers with a strong background in early childhood education can best provide for children what they need to grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.


Mrs. Rita Shawky

Principal’s Assistant
Mrs. Amal Kamal
Mrs. Abeer Habib

English / Class Teachers
Mrs. Aida Kuko
Mrs. Lina El Sadek
Mrs. Gina Miranda
Mrs. Yasmine Galal
Mrs. Inge Warga
Ms. Maggie Mounir Abdel Shaheed
Ms. Esraa Adel Mahmoud
Ms. Ghada Mohamed Boghdadi
Mrs Noha Yousef
Mrs. Walaa Sopkhy
Mrs. Rehab Metwally
Mrs. Noha Hassan
Mrs. Eman Ahmed
Mrs. Nevine Boghdadi
Mrs. Rose Gomial
Mrs. Perlita Agnes
Mrs. Marwa Ahmed Abdel Aziz

Arabic/ Religion Teachers
Mrs. Passant Abd El Moneem
Mrs. Narges Ibrahim
Mrs. Rebab Mohamed
Miss. Zeinab Sayed
Mrs. Dina Maher
Mrs. Eman Abdel Hamid
Mrs. Walaa Mohamed
Ms. Mervat Fathy
Mrs. Samah Shazly
Mrs. Dalia Abdel Motteleb

Activity Teachers
Music – Mrs. Nataly Samir
Art – Mrs. Azza Moustafa
PE – Mrs. Shaima Abdel Aal

Class Assistants

Mrs. Rasha Sayed
Miss. Amaal Abdel Ghany
Mrs. Walaa Kasem
Miss. Shaymaa Mohsen
Miss. Mariam Nabil
Miss. Sawsan Moustafa
Miss. Eman Samy
Mrs. Dalia Ahmed
Mrs. Shaima Ibrahim
Miss. Reda Mohamed
Mrs. Hanaa Fawzy
Miss Nancy Moussa
Mrs. Abeer Fathy
Mrs. Ines Mohamed
Mrs. Fatma Salah
Mrs. Sarah Shafik
Ms. Salma Sayed
Ms. Amal Saad
Ms. Heba Eid
Ms. Nevine Badr
Ms. Yasmine Zakareya
Ms. Engy Ibrahim
Ms. Doaa



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