About us

Royal House Language School

We provide co-education for all stages starting from Pre-school (2.5 years old) up to Secondary stage.

Royal House Language School is located on Marrioteya/Sakkara touristic road, in the arms of nature. It provides the ideal surroundings for children in the age of two and a half years onwards to thrive. Students enjoy the benefits of a noise and pollution-free environment, huge playgrounds, and spacious light filled classrooms. the first family members started their learning journey in 2003.the fairy tale didn’t end here nor did our hopes and aspirations; due to the success and happiness of those children, the Royal House family has grown into 3000 loving and growing youngsters. This number and great reputation was not only achieved by the fascinating location, but by The qualified and experienced teachers known for their commitment to the future of their students, as well as making sure the children enjoy the most important ride of their lives.


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